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        編輯:青島希尼爾翻譯公司 發布時間:2020-02-03

        Huawei mobile phones have always ranked first in domestic mobile phones with strong performance. Are you sure you don't understand the black technology of such a powerful phone? Do you know the translation function that comes with Huawei phones?

        1: call translation

        Do you know that Huawei phones can also perform translation functions during a call? The setting of this function is mainly for the communication between Huawei mobile phone users and foreign friends. This function allows you to translate directly during a call, and you no longer have to worry about not understanding foreign languages.

        Two: Photo translation


        You can also use the camera function of Huawei phone to translate So how do we do it?

        Operation method: Turn on the photo function of the mobile phone, click the icon button in the upper left corner and select the photo translation function, and then point the mobile phone camera at the text you want to take to shoot.






        Three: Translation of other tools

        Huawei's camera function can translate, so how do we translate pictures and text?

        How to operate: Open [Quick Text Recognition] in the mobile app market and open it, then select "Photo Translation" and point the phone camera at the text to shoot. The system will automatically perform the translation function after shooting

        Four: AR automatic translation

        When we visit foreign websites, all of them are made up of English. It is too difficult for people like me who have poor English. At this time, we can use the black technology AR in Huawei phones to translate.

        Operation method: We only need to press the screen with two fingers to bring up the AR translation, and then the content on the screen will be translated! Isn't it simple?



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